How intensively do photographers examine their motifs? How much attention to they pay to individuals who view their pictures? The photographer Thomas Bergner dedicates himself to this question.

Tony Franz

Tony Franz challenges viewers. His technically sophisticated drawings—done unfailingly with pencil on paper—open up diverse associative spaces. Franz always approaches his pictorial themes anew, deceiving the eye on a high illusionistic level and examining the close relationship between text and drawing. Drawing as a medium therefore allows him to reflect on the in part subconscious, in part superficial way in which images and words are perceived.

The language of the world of advertising and consumption, how it is received, its ruptures and contradictions, play a central role for Tony Franz. The artist thus opens up new perspectives for viewers through provocatively presenting concepts and objects from everyday life in another context.

Please notice: This title will be published in Winter 2017 and can already be pre-ordered.

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"Tony Franz"

December 2017

ISBN 978-3-7356-0285-5

19,50 x 25,00 cm

ca. 80 Pages

Softcover with flaps, bound

Languages: German

Sören Fischer
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