Three Sisters,

Three Decades,

One City


Valeria Heisenberg

Paläste, Vitrinen, Aquarien
The paintings of the Berlin artist Valeria Heisenberg take the metaphor literally of the painting as a reflection of the world. Aluminium boards are painted and colourless varnish is applied. These works are centred round chance found motifs in which a diffuse landscape, usually that of a city, is reflected. At the same time, these false reflections allow the viewer to look behind the glass surfaces to the space beyond, lending the paintings a surprising and confusing dimension of depth.
Photographs are the point of departure; these are transferred in detail to the thin metal boards without, however, any attempt to create photo-realist effects: the individual strokes of the paintbrush remain visible. The surfaces of the boards emerge as multiple nested pictorial spaces that are not to be understood rationally.

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"Valeria Heisenberg"

August 2006

ISBN 978-3-938025-68-0

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