Von Hand veredelt. Mit Sternenstaub gedruckt "Patersons (*1981) Buch der Ideen ist eine Tagtraum-Sammlung. Das Kompendium enthält Ideen, die realisiert werden könnten, aber vielleicht niemals ausgeführt werden. Am besten wäre es, wenn das Buch für immer unvollendet bliebe, damit stets wieder etwas hinzugefügt werden kann." Mary Jane Jacob

Water Stone Paper

Bara Lehmann-Schulz and Kathrin Biffi-Frey
Artists Bara Lehmann-Schulz and Kathrin Biffi-Frey have been using paper for many years, to express and shape objects, images and installations. In 2005 – 2013 they created temporary installations in the Maggia river bed, in Swiss Tessin, using paper and a few aids. This experimental work within a landscape shaped by glacial erosion used paper, light, and the weather, as well as the standing and flowing water, and has characterised this project. It is these simultaneously transient and eternal, soft and hard, static and moving elements that make their work so fascinating.

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"Water Stone Paper"

September 2015

ISBN 978-3-7356-0133-9

21,00 x 29,70 cm

88 Pages

75 colored illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English, Italian

Kathrin Biffi-Frey, Bara Lehmann-Schulz
Text by
Milan Chlumsky, Bara Lehmann-Schulz, Kathrin Biffi-Frey
Design by
Teresa Lehmann, München