The examination of time, language, and history is central to the artistic work of the Raqs Media Collective, which was established in New Delhi in 1992.

Wolfgang Neumann

Collector's Edition
This Collector’s Edition consists of a drawing (20.7 x 14.6 cm) signed and numbered by the artist and the book, mittelbemindert. The edition is limited to 20 copies of a drawing and book.

Wolfgang Neumann’s offerings are not easy to digest. His paintings, executed in powerful brushstrokes, are vivid and intensely colorful, leaving an impression of strength and spontaneity. The artist is a keen observer and his paintings and their titles are subtle, cynical comments upon our concept of everyday life and reality. Neumann’s motifs concretely reflect our fast-paced media world. In a seductive way he takes possession of the world’s stories, manipulating and retelling them through motifs that are as inspiring as they are disturbing.

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"Wolfgang Neumann"

January 2008

16,50 x 22,00 cm

104 Pages


Languages: German, English

Colmar Schulte-Goltz, Wolfgang Neumann
Text by
Colmar Schulte-Goltz, Mark-Steffen Bremer

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