Touch Me captures scenes in dance courses, amusement parks and cruise ships in Sweden. In all these places people gather to dance to “dansbandsmusik” (Swedish for dance band music). 


Yaşam Şaşmazer

Yasam Sasmazer’s artistic oeuvre investigates all aspects of humanity. Her sculptures depict the good as well as the bad, the darkness and light that characterise the human condition. This catalogue provides an initial overview of the work of the Turkish sculptor. It covers her wooden sculptures from the period between 2006 and 2011: slightly larger-than-life figures of children and young adults and the shadow figures of the Dark Twin series. The artistic works are divided into three sections and complemented by essays by renowned authors.

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"Yaşam Şaşmazer"

August 2013

ISBN 978-3-86678-875-6

24,00 x 32,00 cm

140 Pages

100 colored and 1 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English, Turkish


Berlin Art Projects / Anna v. Bodungen

Elke Liebs, Johannes Odenthal, Marc Wellmann

graphic design
Stefanie Morgner and Kerber Verlag