Poetry under extreme Conditions

Yury Kharchenko

Since 2009, the German-Russian painter Yury Kharchenko (*1986) has occupied himself in his work groups, and lately also in portraits, with questions regarding human identity as well as his own Jewish identity. Although he regards his identity as poisoned by the Holocaust, he does not impose a prohibition of images, but instead strives for a language that leads to a freedom of emotional and philosophical engagement. In his visual imagery, violence, and beauty are juxtaposed with one another and intermix. There is also sexuality, love, and, again and again, the color red. This color gives the works an organic and contradictory quality at the same time. The new publication presents this multidimensional quality and provides in-depth insights into the work of the artist.


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"Yury Kharchenko"

July 2018

ISBN 978-3-7356-0464-4

23,00 x 28,00 cm

256 Pages

224 colored and 2 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English

Yury Kharchenko
Text by

Ygael Attali, Professor Matthew Baigell, Gerard Goodrow, Kay Heymer, Nils - Arne Kässens, Christoph Kohl, Helmut A. Müller

Design by
Valentina Ivashchenko

Yury Kharchenko, 19.8-8.11.2018, Felix Nussbaum Haus, Osnabrück  
Yury Kharchenko, 13.7.-2.9.2018, NS Dokumentationszentrum Cologne