“Things can only be diverse and should be diverse,” wrote Donald Judd in 1964 about the art scene in New York, and hence rejected a one-dimensional ordering of art history in favor of an open encounter with works of art.


Contemporary Art in Reference to Otto Neurath

Pictogrammes, icons, apps ... analogue and digital pictorial symbols are increasingly defining the nature of communication; visual guidance systems fundamentally shape the public space. These systems are now part of our daily (media) life and come from ISOTYPE (International System of Typographic Picture Education), Otto Neurath’s visualisation system.

On the occasion of the 130th birthday of Neurath, TIME(LESS) SIGNS invites readers into the cosmos of the diverse visual symbols of contemporary visual arts to investigate and define the relevance of his concepts for current art production as well as for global communication channels.

Michael Bielicky & Kamilla B. Richter, Anthony Burrill, Bernhard Cella, Ilse Chlan, Erdal Duman, Hazem El Mestikawy, Harun Farocki, Nikolaus Gansterer, Wilfried Gerstel, Christoph Hinterhuber, Christian Hutzinger, Martin Kaltenbrunner & Günter Geiger & Marcos Alonso & Sergi Jordà, Karl-Heinz Klopf, Matthias Klos, Lena Knilli, Clemens Kogler & Karo Szmit, Richard Kriesche, Alexander Lehmann, Gert Linke, Stano Masár, Kollektiv migrantas,, Bernd Oppl, Olaf Osten, Hermann J. Painitz, Waltraud Palme & Richtex, Rodolfo Peraza, Philippe Rekacewicz, Andrea Ressi, Christian Rupp, Sito Schwarzenberger, Société Réaliste, Roman Týc, Niko Wahl, Michael Wegerer, Peter Weibel, Jun Yang


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ISBN 978-3-86678-792-6

22,50 x 22,50 cm

172 Pages

131 colored and 21 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English


Maria Christine Holter, Barbara Höller, Künstlerhaus Wien

Peter Bogner, Christopher Burke, Maria Christine Holter and abstracts of the artists

graphic design
Olaf Osten, Wien

Exhibition: „ZEIT(LOSE) ZEICHEN: Gegenwartskunst in Referenz zu Otto Neurath / TIME(LESS) SIGNS: Contemporary Art in Reference to Otto Neurath“, 13.12.2012 - 17.2.2013, Künstlerhaus Wien