A Handful of Earth from Paradise

Magical Objects and Paintings at the Museum Morsbroich

A Handful of Earth from Paradise deals with the potential of art to objectify the numinous in a sensual yet tangible way and, conversely, to transform the profane and the everyday and imbue them with magic. This exhibition reveals an artistic exploration of fetishes, the magic of things and metamorphoses, as well as the ethereal, the transcendental and the sacred in the Museum Morsbroich’s collection of works.

Artist/s (among others)
Joachim Bandau, Michael Buthe, Lucio Fontana, Yves Klein, Hermann Nitsch, Gerhard Richter, Bernard Schultze, Daniel Spoerri

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A Handful of Earth from Paradise

ISBN 978-3-86678-881-7

19,50 × 26,50 cm

128 pages

89 colored and 6 b/w illustrations

Gatefold Brochure, bound

Languages: German

Markus Heinzelmann author/s Dorothee Böhm, Stephan von Wiese, Kay Heymer, Astrid Wege, Stephan von Wiese  graphic design Anna Wesek

Exhibition: "Eine Handvoll Erde aus dem Paradies", 29. September 2013 – 12. Januar 2014, Museum Morsbroich , Leverkusen