monotony repetition practice

Dana Sederowsky

monotony repetition practice by Dana Sederowskyis a hand-bound artist’s book limited to 500 copies plus an exclusive Collector’s Edition of 10 + 2 AP. The Swedish artist works with video performance and photography and launched her ongoing project Text Walls in 2013. The artist explores various dimensions of the human condition, often with a tinge of the absurd. Focusing on human psychology, the use of language, and the apparent meaninglessness of life, she employs repetition and repeated motifs as her means of expression and method. She explores language not simply as a mode of communication but also as a poetic and formal device.

The book contains a handwritten text measuring 10.8 meters that has been scanned on a scale of 1:1 and foldet into a leporello, which means that you can fold it out to its full length, place and shape it as you wish, creating your own sculptural object. 

The leporello consists of the repetition of three phrases: monotony is a virtue, repetition is a strength, practice makes progress, and is accompanied by a presentation of the artist written by art critic Sinziana Ravini, and photographs that document the ongoing project Text Walls.
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monotony repetition practice

November 2016

ISBN 978-3-7356-0298-5

24,00 × 18,00 cm


hand-bound with leporello

Languages: English

Dana Sederowsky

Text by
Sinziana Ravini

Design by
Dana Sederowsky