Bauen und Zeigen

Build and Show

This catalogue tells a somewhat different history of the Kunsthalle art museum in Karlsruhe: not a history of the collections, but rather a history of architecture and the methods of presentation used at the museum. It opened in 1846 as a Gesamtkunstwerk (synthesis of arts) of architecture, painting and sculpture. BUILD AND SHOW provides insights into the history of a constantly changing institution. The catalogue contains 19 essays by authors from the fields of art and architecture history, archaeology, the classics, history and architecture. It also features two photographic series on the Kunsthalle by Candida Höfer and Barbara Klemm.

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Bauen und Zeigen
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Bauen und Zeigen

June 2014

ISBN 978-3-86678-954-8

22,00 × 26,00 cm

336 pages

278 colored illustrations

Gatefold Brochure, bound

Languages: German

Pia Müller- Tamm, Regine Heß