Tobias Bärmann

Cali Chronicles

Behind the scenes …
In his new book, photographer Tobias Bärmann (*1978) set out in search for the hidden sides of Los Angeles, famed City of Dreams. He traversed the gigantic metropolis, designed to accommodate cars, on a bicycle. By slowing down one’s gaze, he unfolds an aesthetics of transition and incompletion beneath the city’s glamourous surface. Many of the motifs are evidence of the bygone actions of unknown protagonists. With a keen eye for the poetry of the ephemeral and supposedly trivial, Bärmann steers our attention to civilizing mishaps and accidental situations.

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Tobias Bärmann

November 2019

ISBN 978-3-7356-0638-9

21 × 28 cm

104 pages

63 colored illustrations

Hardcover with open Thread Stitching

Languages: English

Text by
Anna Czerlitzki  

Design by
Jenne Grabowski, Karsten Middeldorf