Mulan River

The brothers Chen Yufan (*1973) and Chen Yujun (*1976) have been working together non-stop on their huge project Mulan River since 2008. Starting with a river near their hometown of Putian, in the province of Fujian, they discovered a way to add the cultural and social experiences of “Chinese who return home to their cities from overseas” to the context of contemporary art. Inspired by profound transformations in society and their unique ancestral history, Mulan River took on a variety of artistic forms over the years, including installation, painting, and video.

“Mulan River refers to that local geographic position, while also symbolizing a fluid cultural space. This concept of ‘fluidity’ is not only manifest in the Chen brothers’ content and subject matter, but more importantly, it brings a new understanding of their working approach to art.”

Mulan River has already been on display numerous times as part of various exhibitions. This is the first publication to cover the entire work of art.

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Mulan River

June 2021

ISBN 978-3-7356-0727-0

23,8 × 28,5 cm

208 pages

121 colored and 37 b/w illustrations


Languages: English, Chinesisch

Chen Yujun, Fang Zhiling

Text by
Fang Zhiling, Bao Dong, Lu Mingjun

Design by
He Sijia, Shanghai