The photographs of the series Kopiec Bonawentura takes its origin from a quote by french author Alfred Jarry from its play Ubu Roi (1896): «Set in Poland, that is to say nowhere.» The photographer Lucas Olivet builds a multiple and transnational answer.

Alexander Kreise

Interventions, Mentagrams, Neoprojection
His medium is the light, his form is the circle and his canvas is the open space. Alexander Nickl is a light artist, he works with large-scale, complex illuminations. The ruins of the Sofiansaal concert house and recording venue bask in renewed splendour, the illuminated facade of St Charles’s Church looks like it comes from the world of fairy tales and even an oil storage tank and a decommissioned nuclear power plant become aesthetic, visual events through Nickl's light art.  Nickl calls his approach “neoprojection” or “psychophysical projection”; the countless sketches and studies, known as "mentagrams", also provide an insight into those conceptual processes of movement, which are then externalised and become form, colour and light.

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"Alexander Kreise"

ISBN 978-3-86678-827-5

21,00 x 29,70 cm

144 Pages

171 colored and 8 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound, with dust-jacket

Languages: German, English


Alexander Nickl

text by
Günther Oberhollenzer, Wolfgang Koch

graphic design
Reinhold Singer, Augsburg

Exhibition: Augsburg, AK-RAUMANAGRAMM, Dauerausstellung, Blackbox-Augsburg