England is regarded as the cradle of Pop Art and spawned numerous unusual positions on the phenomenon of the then revolutionary, new art movement.

Angela Stauber

Mundus, mundi
Angela Stauber's monograph Mundus, mundi is published to accompany the exhibition of the same name at the Neuer Pfaffenhofener Kunstverein. It describes the artist's trajectory of development between 2011 and 2014. Thematically, the publication focuses on the contrast between internal and external space and on the juxtaposition of objects and the human body. Stauber's works thus addresses fundamental philosophical issues: what is the world, what is space, what is humanity and what does time mean? Questions surrounding the perception and interpretation of reality are central elements of her oeuvre.

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"Angela Stauber"

December 2014

ISBN 978-3-7356-0031-8

21,00 x 27,00 cm

128 Pages

82 colored and 9 b/w illustrations

Softcover with flaps, bound

Languages: German, English


Neuer Pfaffenhofener Kunstverein

Florian Matzner, Dagmar Schmengler and Maike Teubner

Exhibition: „Mundus, mundi", 12.9.2014 - 28.9.2014, Neuer Pfaffenhofener Kunstverein