Poetry under extreme Conditions

Daniel Hausig

dynamic light
The working material of the Swiss artist Daniel Hausig is light. He has been significantly involved in the development of light art for over thirty years, and his site-specific installations and sculptures reference architectures, history, and myths as well as to ecological questions. He has recently been creating “performative installations,” which interpret the respective location anew by means of a precise and individually arranged light tube. The extensive book accompanies the exhibition Daniel Hausig—Dynamic Light at the Kunstmuseum Celle and the Museum Ritter Waldenbuch.
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"Daniel Hausig"

October 2019

ISBN 978-3-7356-0618-1

28 x 24 cm

160 Pages


Languages: German, English

Kunstmuseum Celle + Museum Ritter
Text by
Julia Otto, Michael Schwarz, Barbara Willert
Design by

Isabelle Kirsch, c/o HBKsaar, Saarbrücken

Daniel Hausig. dynamic light, Kunstmuseum Celle: 23.06.–08.09.2019 / Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch: 13.10.2019 – 19.04.2020