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The Power of Reproduction / O Poder da Multiplicação

Thirty years after the digital revolution, Die Macht der Vervielfältigung / O Poder da Multiplicação takes a look at contemporary printmaking. Based on Walter Benjamin's question of "technical reproducibility" and the current context of news, fake news, and the post-factual, it presents fourteen artists from Brazil and Germany. The exhibition and accompanying book make printmaking into part of the experience of what constitutes society - technology, spirit, politics - and show that active participation in shaping the world is both possible and necessary. 

Artists: Vera Chaves Barcellos, Tim Berresheim, Marcelo Chardosim, Hélio Fervenza, Hanna Hennenkemper, Olaf Holzapfel, Helena Kanaan, Thomas Kilpper, Flavya Mutran, Ottjörg A.C., Rafael Pagatini, Regina Silveira, Carlos Vergara, Xadalu


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"The Power of Reproduction / O Poder da Multiplicação"

January 2019

ISBN 978-3-7356-0552-8

18,00 x 25,00 cm

248 Pages

79 colored illustrations

Softcover with flaps, bound

Languages: German, Portuguese

Text by

Cauê Alves, Wolfgang Brauneis, Francisco Dalcol, Paulo Sergio Duarte, Paulo César Ribeiro Gomes, Gregor Jansen, Mariano Klautau Filho, Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, Marina Ludemann, Diego Matos, Angélica de Moraes, Paula Ramos, Niura Legramante Ribeiro, Andreas Schalhorn, Márcio Seligmann-Silva, Ludwig Seyfarth, André Venzon, Eduardo Veras, Mônica Zielinsky

Design by
Débora Strapasson Pizzolatti, B.A Comunicação, Porto Alegre

Exhibition Die Macht der Vervielfältigung / O Poder da Multiplicação
Goethe-Institut, Porto Alegre, 11.9.–11.11.2018
Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig, 28.2.–24.3.2019