Does the Bauhaus still contribute to further developments in photographic pictorial languages? What role does the avant-garde photography play for contemporary artists today? At the center of Bauhaus and Photography is the reconstruction of László Moholy-Nagy’s photography-section at the legendary 1929–1930 Werkbund-exhibition Film und Foto (Film and Photo).

Dieter Huber


Dieter Huber (*1962) is a pioneer of computer-generated art. In the face of an economically rationalized reality, he understands his image production as a defense of the unspeakable, the unplannable, perhaps even the spiritual. In the viewing process, his photographs virtually invite us to project our own experiences, subjective associations, personal knowledge, ideas, desires, or fantasies into them. In this way, the consciously empty spaces in Huber's images are actively filled, thereby extending even further beyond their mere material condition.


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"Dieter Huber"

November 2018

ISBN 978-3-7356-0548-1

24,00 x 24,00 cm

144 Pages

115 colored illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English

Dieter Huber
Text by
Jürgen Book, Hans Dieter Huber, Rainer Maria Rilke
Design by
Dieter Huber