Touch Me captures scenes in dance courses, amusement parks and cruise ships in Sweden. In all these places people gather to dance to “dansbandsmusik” (Swedish for dance band music). 


Ernesto Tatafiore

In the exhibition catalogue Ernesto Tatafiore - Instruments, the viewer encounters a “changed, indeed a new Tatafiore” in large-format acrylic works on canvas and paper. With his exuberant imagination, “he continues to shift mountains, cause volcanoes to erupt, twist fish, sink ships, thrill to beautiful bosoms and the erotic charms of ravishing women. […] Lately, however, he has been reducing their sparkling variety, in order place a stronger emphasis on the individual piece.“ (Herwig Guratzsch)
Ernesto Tatafiore’s work ranks among the most important and multi-layered in Italian contemporary art, and is represented in museum collections worldwide.

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"Ernesto Tatafiore"

ISBN 978-3-86678-946-3

23,00 x 21,50 cm

64 Pages

39 colored and 1 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English

Thomas Levy
Text by
Herwig Guratzsch
Design by
Claas Möller,, Hamburg
Exhibition: „Ernesto Tatafiore - Instrumente“, 14.01. – 12.03.2014, LEVY Galerie, Hamburg

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