“Things can only be diverse and should be diverse,” wrote Donald Judd in 1964 about the art scene in New York, and hence rejected a one-dimensional ordering of art history in favor of an open encounter with works of art.

Horst Janssen as Hotshot X

Incivilities and Genuflections
In 1982 Horst Janssen published his pamphlet “Horst Janssen als Angeber X. Eine Quijoterie” (Horst Janssen as Braggart X. A Quixotry) that discussed painting and drawing quality in a very egocentric manner. This amusing polemic attacks his contemporaries and their art via drawings, collages and commentaries. His assessment criteria are based largely on the ‘Old Masters’; his rebuttal of Modern art is however uncompromising. In this catalogue, Janssen’s works are juxtaposed with art from his contemporaries – both maligned and revered – and he examines the discourse on art and commerce of the 1980s on the basis of a great number of often surprising exponents.

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"Horst Janssen as Hotshot X"

October 2012

ISBN 978-3-86678-746-9

26,00 x 38,00 cm

154 Pages

150 colored and 2 b/w illustrations

Softcover with flaps, bound

Languages: German, English

Friedrich Scheele für die Stadt Oldenburg
Text by
Claus Clement, Klaus Honnef, Jutta Moster-Hoos, Paula von Sydow, Antje Tietken
Design by
Gerlinde Domininghaus
Exhibition: „Horst Janssen als Angeber X – Flegeleien und Verneigungen“, 12.10.2012 – 3.1.2013,  Horst-Janssen-Museum Oldenburg