Von Hand veredelt. Mit Sternenstaub gedruckt "Patersons (*1981) Buch der Ideen ist eine Tagtraum-Sammlung. Das Kompendium enthält Ideen, die realisiert werden könnten, aber vielleicht niemals ausgeführt werden. Am besten wäre es, wenn das Buch für immer unvollendet bliebe, damit stets wieder etwas hinzugefügt werden kann." Mary Jane Jacob

Jan Muche

Der Grund - Figuration without Content
Jan Muche is an expert exploiter of the visual waste produced by the modern era. With freewheeling audacity, he inserts the entire mass of motifal plunder—figures, architectural structures, newspaper clippings, photos, quotations, advertising slogans—into the backdrop of political grotesquery, film noir, constructivism, outer-space fantasies, Bauhaus and bikini mags.
Motifal mismatches, colours and forms, references and stances are strung together along the most skewed of perspectives without ever unhinging the pictorial logic. Breaches in style are bountiful. Nothing is too embarrassing in this post-nonrepresentational garage-style painting. Everything is worthy of representation. After all, it is not the picture that is subject to question but the world. There are no good nor evil themes, no obscenity, no decency, no dopiness nor cultivation, no abstraction, and no figuration. It is rather the one-sided narrow-mindedness of a certain all-purpose cliché that is perpetually painted down with doughty resolve.

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"Jan Muche"

August 2010

ISBN 978-3-86678-456-7

24,00 x 30,00 cm

102 Pages

67 colored illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English

Christian Malycha
Text by
Klaus Theweleit
with an artist’s talk between
Henrik Lakeberg and Jan Muche
Design by
Susanne Bax

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