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Julius von Bismarck

Collector's Edition
This Collector's Edition contains a fine art inkjet prints (24 x 24 cm) and comes with an extensive monograph, Tiere sind dumm und Pflanzen noch viel dümmer (Animals are dumb, and plants are even dumber). The Edition is limited to 20 + 5 AP.

Julius von Bismarck is one of today’s most in-demand artists. His idiosyncratic installations and performances enthuse audiences from Berlin to Miami. With a great deal of reflection and a wink von Bismarck examines themes that concern our global society. This first monograph appears as a companion to this strictly limited edition.

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"Julius von Bismarck"

December 2015

26,50 x 19,50 cm

208 Pages


Languages: German, English

Alexander Levy, Laura Schleussner, Natalie Koerner
Text by
Ellen Blumenstein, Dorothee Elmiger, Daniel Heller-Roazen, Quentin Meillassoux, Cord Riechelmann, Laura Schleussner, Siegfried Zielinksi
Design by
Karsten Heller, DiG

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