The photographs of the series Kopiec Bonawentura takes its origin from a quote by french author Alfred Jarry from its play Ubu Roi (1896): «Set in Poland, that is to say nowhere.» The photographer Lucas Olivet builds a multiple and transnational answer.

Meret Oppenheim

Kleiner Komet
This edition consists of 150, and was created in close cooperation with Meret Oppenheim’s long-time companion and gallerist, Thomas Levy, as an homage to the great artist. The colored serigraph (16 x 23 cm) is numbered and monogrammed, and comes with an accompanying publication.

In Meret Oppenheim’s oeuvre we encounter an early accompaniment to an imaginative interplay of free and applied arts. To this very day, the spirited, feminine independence and openness of her vivid, poetic, and humorous work resounds in contemporary art.

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"Meret Oppenheim"

July 2013

29,50 x 24,00 cm

216 Pages


Languages: German, English

Thomas Levy
Text by
Simon Baur, Belinda Grace Gardner, Christian Walda, Werner Spies, Lisa Wenger
Design by
Claas Möller,, Hamburg

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