For more than four decades, the sculptural oeuvre of the internationally renowned artist Richard Deacon has masterfully circled around elementary questions of sculpture and how it is perceived.

Stefan Bladh

Hidden Kingdom

Hidden Kingdom is a fictional journey through an inner and outer landscape of situations and encounters. The serie investigates a state of mind – the impermanence of everything and the human longing for something bigger to appear. 
„The serie consists of pictures from travels around European landscapes between 2006 -2016. On these journeys I often found myself in moments neither in the beginning of something nor in the end. Not even giving me an insight. Rather I found myself in the middle of something. And that was always the most important.” (Stefan Bladh).
The publication invites us on this impressive journey and the individual artistic cosmos of Stefan Bladh.

Please notice: The book will be published in autumn 2017.

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"Stefan Bladh"

ISBN 978-3-7356-0395-1

36,40 x 28,80 cm

80 Pages

38 colored illustrations

Hardcover with clothbound, bound

Languages: English

Stefan Bladh
Design by
Jesper Örtegren, Stockholm