Miriam Vlaming


The paintings by artist Miriam Vlaming (*1971), who is associated with the ‘New Leipzig School’, focus on the depiction of individuals – some bold, some introverted –, group portraits with an old-fashioned feel, figures bathing in deep waters, mysterious landscapes, and dark forests with staffage-like figures. In addition to photographic images, her works also draw inspiration from myths, literature, and travel. Vlaming’s paintings evolve through an elaborate process using only egg tempera paints that she mixes herself, which are then applied layer upon layer, in the style of the Old Masters. The artist often washes off and thins down some of the paint but leaves the traces of this act visible. Her atmospheric, transmuted images thus go through many iterations before the final work is completed. The mysteriousness and melancholy mood of these blurry, ambiguous images are captivating and permeate into our subconscious, stirring memories of long-forgotten moments and feelings.

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Miriam Vlaming

October 2022

ISBN 978-3-7356-0887-1

16,8 × 23 cm

160 pages

101 colored illustrations


Languages: German

Dr. Ute Bopp-Schumacher and the Dr.-Hanns-Simon-Foundation  

Text by
Dr. Ute Bopp-Schumacher, Stephanie Kaak

Design by
Claas Möller, Hamburg, Claasbooks.de

Miriam Vlaming. Wandlungen, Haus Beda, Bitburg, 11. September 2022 - 15. Januar 2023

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