A journey through circa 500 years of fashion history as reflected in art: How have artists reacted to extreme phenomena such as slashed clothing, codpieces, the crinoline, or the dinner jacket?

Alexander Kosolapov

Sots Art
Alexander Kosolapov is one of the most remarkable “go-betweeners” of contemporary art, constantly shifting between countries, ideologies, cultures, and aesthetic languages. In 1973, he cofounded the Sots-Art movement, which is characterized by a cunning combination of Soviet communist and American capitalist iconographies. This conjunction rhymes with Kosolapov’s biography: in a nod towards symmetry, he lived 30 years in Moscow and then, in 1975, moved to New York, where he spent another 30 years. He experienced first-hand the influence of American Pop art, especially of Andy Warhol and of Hollywood, while maintaining his aesthetic affiliation with Sots-Art. Combining particulars from Russian political art with the aesthetics of American consumerism, he created such well-known images as the Lenin Coca Cola (1985), Malevich Marlborough, and Lenin McDonald’s. In his most recent works Kosolapov proposes new, nonexistent brands for Post-Soviet Russia which demonstrates that our time is ruled by ideologies and consumerism.

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"Alexander Kosolapov"

October 2008

ISBN 978-3-86678-227-3, 978-3-86678-314-0

22,50 x 31,00 cm

184 Pages

99 colored and 12 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound

two language editions

Languages: English, Russian

Kerber Verlag

Text by
Boris Groys, Alexander Borovsky, Lyudmila Novikova