The Schaubühne in Berlin is one of the leading German-language theaters. Six internationally acclaimed photographers of our time occupied themselves artistically with the Schaubühne’s ensemble of actors.

The Ludwig Erhard Zentrum Fürth

Ludwig Erhard. The path to freedom, social market economy, prosperity for everyone

The companion volume to the exhibition takes a look at the development of the project as a whole, from the idea to the completion and opening of the Ludwig Erhard Zentrum. Central stakeholders have their say in a section of essays. They provide insights into the various facets of the project as well as the particular significance of the center within the museum landscape. Historians, economic experts, planners, and other comrades-in-arms report on their experiences, and contemporary witnesses tell exclusively of their encounter with Ludwig Erhard as an individual. A large portion of the publication is also dedicated to the exhibition. An overview of the contents as well as individual objects as highlights is correspondingly presented in numerous color illustrations.

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"The Ludwig Erhard Zentrum Fürth"

May 2018

ISBN 978-3-7356-4030-7

21,00 x 29,70 cm

ca. 250 Pages


Languages: German

Stiftung Ludwig-Erhard-Haus
Text by

Authors and contemporary witnesses: Dr. Ingeborg Berggreen-Merkel, Prof. Dr. Thiess Büttner, Dr. Julia Dingwort-Nusseck, Dr. Luise Gräfin von Schlippenbach, Prof. Dr. Dr. Otmar Issing, Prof. Dr. Henry Kissinger, Prof. Dr. Daniel Koerfer, Evi Kurz, Elisabeth Leutheusser-von Quistorp, Barbara Ohm, Prof. Josef Reindl, Holger Schatz, Dr. Oscar Schneider, Rudolf Stilcken, Meike-Marie Thiele

Eröffnung des Ludwig Erhard Zentrum (LEZ) in Fürth