High-quality special editions of selected books with exclusive art works, photographs, or graphics. These unique works are conceived of in close collaboration with the artists and all are published in small, strictly limited editions. They are numbered, dated, signed, and only available via our publishing house.

Kerber Collector’s Edition is the perfect first step on the way to your own art collection, offering the exciting possibility to participate in the most recent developments of contemporary art.

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Hans Scheib
( 4,420.80CHF )
Oliver Lanz
( 491.20CHF )
Johannes Brus

Johannes Brus

Collector's Edition
( 368.40CHF )
Thomas Huber
( 614.00CHF )
Mel Ramos – Collector’s Edition

Mel Ramos – Collector’s Edition

100+ Drawings
( 121.57CHF )
Grape Queen, 2001, Sticker, 10,1 x 15,2 cm, signiert und nummeriert vom Künstler

Mel Ramos

I love Women
( 42.98CHF )
Tatsuhiko Yokoo

Tatsuhiko Yokoo

Collector's Edition
( 307.00CHF )
Jochen Stenschke

Jochen Stenschke

Collector's Edition
( 307.00CHF )
Thomas Rieck
( 429.80CHF )
Marc Lüders
( 921.00CHF )
Ivan Bazak
( 214.90CHF )
Is there life after death? A futuristic world fair.

Is there life after death? A futuristic world...

Thomas Zipp
( 182.97CHF )