Dénesh Ghyczy

Between Lines

In Dénesh Ghyczy’s works of the last two decades, abstraction and representation encounter one another in a vibrant manner and question the relationship of observing and painting. Always visible in them is the point of departure. In many paintings, the individuals depicted have their eyes closed: they are looking for contact to something that does not become visible in the picture. Ghyczy’s paintings do, nonetheless, succeed in giving the attentive viewer an idea of these realms of experience. They tell of intimate moments and of instants of self-forgetfulness in our fast-paced society.

The publication Between Lines presents a representative selection of works from the past seventeen years, created during his creative periods in Budapest and Berlin.

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Dénesh Ghyczy

December 2016

ISBN 978-3-7356-0307-4

24,00 × 29,70 cm

96 pages

68 colored illustrations

Gatefold Brochure, bound

Languages: German, English


Text by
Sven Grünwitzky

Design by
László Nádler