Christine Ödlund

Growing the Third Ear under the Great Astral Mother Tree

Christine Ödlund’s (*1963) first monograph is composed as a coherent whole, with each part interacting and resonating with the next. Paying particular attention to the proper way of interacting with the multiple forms of intelligence surrounding us, Ödlund finds an inexhaustible source of inspiration in the concept of Deep Listening which states that listening implies becoming aware of oneself as part of a universal whole. The works are the result of the artist transposing sound into form and image, notably through the use of plant pigments. By contemplating the botanical motifs and the soft colours of these works on paper, we might be able to approach the plant kingdom not only with fresh eyes but possibly also with fresh ears.

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Christine Ödlund

March 2022

ISBN 978-3-7356-0834-5

24 × 32 cm

176 pages

104 colored illustrations


Languages: English

Christine Ödlund, Louise Belfrage

Text by
Louise Belfrage, Ulrika Pilo, Christopher Scheer

Design by
Patrick Waters, Waters Löwenhielm Stockholm, Sweden