Fritz Köthe

“The painter Fritz Köthe is a chronicler of pop culture, who ruptures and subverts today’s media-based commodity spectacle, using the technique of décollage as a vehicle. Simultaneously he is a post-modern Surrealist, who in the juxtaposition of incongruous elements sketches a fragmented portrait of our incessantly productive consumer society. [His work] addressees the volatility of that which surrounds us … [it confirms] the dissolution of certainties … the disintegration of reality into … visual fragments.” (Belinda Grace Gardner)

The publication shows a retrospective overview of the oeuvre of Fritz Köthe, one of the most important German proponents of Pop Art. There is a limited Collecto's Edition available.
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Fritz Köthe

ISBN 978-3-86678-834-3

16,50 × 24,00 cm

120 pages

112 colored and 5 b/w illustrations

Hardcover, bound, without dust jacket, without Schuber

inklusive der DVD "Fritz Köthe: Malen heißt Leben"

Languages: German, English

by Thomas Levy author Belinda Grace Gardner graphic design Claas Möller,

Exhibition: „Fritz Köthe, 19.03.–23.04.2013, LEVY Galerie , Hamburg

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