Anna & Bernhard Blume

The artist as protagonist always forms the focus of the photographic works of Anna & Bernhard Blume; these two artists present themselves within apparently absurd and yet equally ordinary situations. In this way, their series of photographic works can be viewed as both timeless and contemporary. Their critical and humorous deconstruction of bourgeois and artistic ideals is close to the concepts of Dada, and their works certainly reflect the subversive nature of Dada. However, the series are also extremely subtle, and include carefully constructed considerations of the main artistic and philosophical issues of our time. Anna & Bernhard Blume also reflect on the medium of photography itself through their blending of the borders between painting and photography, and their questioning of the reality of the contents of photography, doing this though the medium of photography itself. Through this deformation, deconstruction and exaggeration of reality, these two artists manage to exaggerate and move reality into the sphere of the imaginary.


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