Sonia Delaunay

The oeuvre of Sonia Delaunay encapsulates a great range of genres – painting, printmaking, typography, textile design, crafts, interior design, fashion – making her an exceptional artist of the 20th century. Nevertheless, to date, her significance for art history has not been paid due accord.


Her all-encompassing aim was to embed art in everyday life: in 1911 Sonia Delaunay was already working with the ideas that would be propagated in the 1920s in Germany by Bauhaus. From 1913 onwards, she was one of major advocates of abstract painting; given her inexhaustible creative power and almost seventy years of art practice, she can be compared to Pablo Picasso. In her work, which is filled with the sensuality of colour, an artistic universe is brought to life, predating today’s world of design.


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Sonia Delaunays Welt der Kunst

Sonia Delaunays Welt der Kunst

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