Tor Seidel

In Uncharted Territories

In Uncharted Territories is the foretelling title of the first institutional solo exhibition by German photographer and artist Tor Seidel (*1964) in the United Arab Emirates. All artworks—specifically produced for the exhibition—are born out of a sense that realities are shifting in a time of utmost uncertainty: the recent, ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. They address how perceptions shift in a time of existential crisis, how our awareness is challenged, certainties are crushed, global patterns of economy and mobility deaccelerate, and social interaction is put to the test. COVID-19 marks a turning point for the global community, having affected each and every one of us, while the future is still unknown. Thus, Tor Seidel takes the viewer on a journey with an open-ended narrative.

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Tor Seidel

June 2021

ISBN 978-3-7356-0733-1

21 × 24 cm

80 pages

41 colored and 4 b/w illustrations


Languages: German, English

Tor Seidel/ Maraya Art Center Sharjah

Dr. Jay Hetrick, Dr. Nina Heydemann, Sven Christian Schuch, Tor Seidel    

Design by
Manar Laham

Tor Seidel. In Uncharted Territories, Januar 2020–Februar 2021, Maraya Art Center Sharjah, V.A.E.