Cornelia Schleime

1953 born in East Berlin   
1975–1980 studies in graphic art and painting, HfBK Dresden   
since 1981 prohibition of exhibitions in GDR   
1984 move to West Berlin, complete loss of her previous oeuvre   
numerous prizes, work and travel grants and workshops e. g. 1989 PS1 – scholarship for New York   
awards among others: Gabriele Münter Prize (2003), Fred Thieler Prize (2004), Award of excellent painting, National Art Museum of China (2005)

Cornelia Schleime

Photo: Cornelia Schleime, 2008 | © Markus C. Hurek


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Cornelia Schleime

Cornelia Schleime

A Blink of an Eye
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Cornelia Schleime
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Cornelia Schleime
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