Johannes Hüppi


This Collector´s Edition consists of thirty hand-colored aquatint works on rag paper (30 x 40 cm). Each are signed and numbered by the artist. The edition comes with the companion book, Johannes Hüppi. Hüppi celebrates many forms of femininity in his works. His paintings tell love stories, as well as reinterpretations of famous fairy tales and myths. This edition features his personal version of the Danae—one of Zeus' playmates, who, in the myth, is surprised by the god who has taken the form of a golden shower of rain.
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Johannes Hüppi

16,60 × 24,00 cm

176 Pages


Languages: German, English

Jean-Christophe Ammann

Text by
Jean-Christophe Ammann und Belinda Grace Gardner

Design by
Claas Möller

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