Oliver Lanz

Collector's Edition

This Collector´s Edition is limited to 4. Each edition consists of an original work of art on paper (25,5 x 36,5 cm), signed by the artist and the companion publication "PR 17". Oliver Lanz works mainly with large formats and glazed acrylics and oils, silver pigment, and spray paint. His formal vocabulary is nurtured by comics, record covers, and advertising aesthetics. Classic painting techniques are combines with the design principles of analogue and digital media. The book’s title, PR 17, refers to the address of his studio at Paul Robesonstrasse 17 in Berlin, where the artist has lived and worked for years. In the Museum für gegenstandsfreie Kunst (Museum of abstract art) the artist introduces the exhibition with views of his studio—his private work/live space. In this way, the tremendous color spaces he creates both here and there are documented and explained.


( 491.20CHF )

March 2016