Maik Wolf


Paintings from a foreign star, something hostile to life and exceedingly cold comprises the grounds of Maik Wolf’s pictorial worlds. Oddly erroneous colours illuminate glowing vedute that reveal surreal buildings among unpeopled landscapes. The terrain is inhospitable; the architecture is aggressive.
The paintings appear still to linger within a nocturnal shadow, even after having—like "Monolith 2" from "Cluster 10"—been graced by the ancillary presence of the "Tag" day. On the horizon, a range of mountains gleams in pinkish-violet purple tones. The expansive plane before them is dominated by an enthroned and tremendous architectural massif, which juts from the dizzying heights of its foundational platform through the depth of the pictorial space. [...] Prominent horizontal slices of buildings measure the pictorial space between the horizon and the picture plane, appearing to [...] thereby bursting the boundaries of the format.  (Martin Engler)
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Maik Wolf

ISBN 978-3-86678-582-3

24,00 × 30,00 cm

96 pages

52 colored illustrations

Hardcover, bound

Languages: German, English

b-05 Kunst- und Kulturzentrum Association e. V.

Text by
Martin Engler, Christoph Tannert

Design by
Claudia Heckel

exhibition „FRONTIER SPIRIT“, 4 September to 16 Oktober 2011, b-05 Kunst- und Kulturzentrum Association e. V., Montabaur

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